Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SaiGon @ Vietnam

Well, I would said that this is a horrible city, if compare to Thailand or Singapore. (Okay, it was because among ASEAN countries, I'd only been to S'pore, Thailand, and of course, not to mention Malaysia..Haha XD)

Why is it horrible?

Because, it is a mess, i mean traffics. They horn everywhere, anytime, even for no reason, or, just to say "Hie~"(Gosh~). And they drive anyhow they like. Oneway is not oneway, red light is not red light, they stop where they like, they turn when they want, signals are not a must, cross-junctions are even terrible.. The bicycles race with the cars, the motors "fight" with the buses.. (Well, I took motorbike-taxi from airport to hotel, it was a special experience though..)

And then, it is not yet the end of story. There are still communication problems (In Thailand, most peoples know how to speak simple english for tourism sake. Here in Vietnam? Most peoples DUNNO even a word like "how much?"..), hospitality problems (Peoples are a bit too friendly, of course, for businesses..), money problems (This is solely my problem, one meal cost 30-60 thousand! Ya ya, in Vietnam dong, but then hor, when you convert to MYR, it is also about RM7-15 per meal liao ler.. Some more the cab is expensive.. Motorbike also charge you >2USD for very short distance..), dust problem (Now I know why WeiXiang suggested us to bring masks..) and etc.. >_<

Yet, with all the weaknesses, SaiGon is still very attractive, and I'm addicted to her. She is happenning, she is beautiful (with all the France-style/ Europe-style buildings), the foods are damn nice (I didn't bluff, I eat hawker food whole day, and still can't stop myself from buying supper, i.e banh mi just now), the shops are full of pretty and cute things for sale.. (So sad I still dare not step into the shopss, scare I will spend every single penny I have on the very 1st day..)

Yeah.. SaiGon is great, and I just explore, 5-10% of it..

But 3 things bad about backpacking alone, i.e. cannot take photo of myself with beautiful scenario, only can "zi4 pai1" (Okok, I'll try to act cute and ask peoples help me from tomorrow onwards..); dare not wandering until too late at nite (That's why I'm here spending the rest of the nite writing blog); no people to share accomodation and it is expensive (I don't like sharing room with strangers mar..So I took one private room lor..)!!

Sigh, (happily..)

I plan to post post-cards, but I only got 5 pieces (3000 bucks per piece, very expensive your know), anyone want it can write down your address here please.. (This blog don't have many readers, so I guess most people leaving msg will get the postcard de gua..) n_n


Snowpiano^ ^ said...

U should ask yong zhao before u go...
Hope he see this blog and come to give u some tips yah.. :P

YMCF said...

ya..u should have asked me ..
tell u to talk Vietnamese.
how much in vietnamese is " Bao niu dian".

Bargain hard!!! anything and everything is 30% of the quoted price. not 30% discount, is 70% discount

in Saigon, just walk, not much places to visit. District 5 is their China town.

got time, go visit Dalat, just USD 5 for the bus to go there.

for food, road side stall should be around 15000 to 20000, tat's bout RM 4.

go their market buy mask, pretty, and price is ok.

tat should be it, anything need ask just drop msg at facebook.

Anonymous said...

I want the postcard! Blk 4, #02-63, NTU Hall 2, 41, Student Walk, Singapore 639549,
Next time I ask the details bout Vietname from you ah!!!!

E.T.雨灵 said...

OMG! The city seems so terrible! Don't worry, wait for me, I come save you! Haha!! :)

ShaDow said...

hey gal... travel alone is like tat, u muz got a thick face to ask ppl take pic with u.. i'm used to be like this in oversea..u jz think tat nobody know u there..then u will feel better. if not u sure will regret when u back.

+u +u la!

buggie said...


Ya, I managed to found hawker food with 20000vnd today.. At some back streets.. :)

Haven't start shopping yet, though I saw many things I like.. So really thanks for the 30% information.

BTW, do u know how to take public buses in the town ar? I study the road map for a long time but still cannot understand..

And, I cant log in facebook with the hotel's computer, and I dunno why, so reply here..

buggie said...

Did u received my msg last nite? :)

Yes, white horse knight, I'm waiting for u.. Hahaha.

Wei Li,
Ok, noted. U greedy gal, what also u want..

In fact there is nobody knowing me here.. But will still feel paiseh.. Haha..

lisze said...

Eh...i thought u go with Elaine? how come u need to zi pai?

Anonymous said...

I'm just want postcard only lol! By the way, next year I'm really want to go Vietnam, but dunno which part of it. Now still earn my travel fees lol! I never heard u wan go travel at Vietnam before!