Thursday, November 19, 2009

SaiGon @ Vietnam - The unification of "-isms"

To be honest, I do not know if the word "unification" is exact and proper enough to express the situation. But SaiGon shows this, that the wars/fights among all the "-isms", regardless religious's or political's, throughout the history of mankind, were in fact jokes. Why?

I accidentally bumped into a church last night (18/11/09), let's see what had I found:

Yes, it's true, they burn taoisme-type incense sticks, but pray to Jesus and Virgin Mary. A unique combination. I first met this here, and i think it's common if you found this as well at other places in the world. The lesson (which is my own perception) is that, what for for the religions to initiate wars among each others? To attack each others? To demolish other religion's temples like what'd happened in Malaysia?

As long as it bring peace in souls, it teaches us the common values and humanity.. it will be the religion, and the faith "chosen" by the peoples. True religion bring peace and respect, not disrespect and extermination of different kind.. (You know what i mean..)

And the next is, what i found today..

Two communist armies statue standing looking at the Cathedral Notre-Dame (The famous church in SaiGon..) Somebody told me the genuine communism persecutes religions. How true is it? It's not important now.

Here come the conclusion: all the contradictions or wars or fights among "-isms" all these time, were actually just the choice of mankind, they were "mad-made".. And the question is, when are we going to stop all the fights?

By the way, Vietnamese eat beef and pork, everywhere. While to show respect towards other religions, they set up pork-free halal restaurants, also beef-free Indian foods, everywhere as well. If were compare to Malaysia, where even a slice of pork can create a lot of (political) problems, or the head of cow can be the weapon to attack other races.. We should be ashamed to allege that we are more civilised than Vietnam.. Opps, sorry, our government dare not use the word "civilised", they use "developed".. (But even that, they are not necessarily correct, when having all the corruptions hide under carpetsssss..)

*Gosh, bad habit, keep thinking too much even in vacation..*

(No equipment to upload photo at this moment..Haha..Just imagine lar..)


Yong Yeong Chow said...

no idea bout the bus... just take cab or trishaw, but bargain hard. by cab is like usd 3-5 to get to the chinatown.

buggie said...

cab or motorbike-cab?