Tuesday, March 22, 2011

winnable candidates? or winnable tactics?

Najib said, he wants winnable candidates.

Sounds good.

Sounds like he's going to get rid of those corrupted, rude, racist and brainless men, and replace with some real YBs. Sounds like. Because we knew, no matter how miserable the columnists had said about BN, they still have talented and kind-hearted candidates. Yes, they have.

But after the scandal sex video. After the SodomyII. After all these "you help me, I help you", "you do sui sui, I do sui sui", 1Malaysia dinner party, giftsss, moneysss, projectsss and etc...We can't help ourselves to ask: they want winnable tactics, or winnable candidates?

I can't agree more to KitSiang, Malaysia politics have reach its' new depth of character assassination, with this video thing. And, it's...boring.

To be frank, who cares about DSAI having sex with boys or girls or both?(Of course there are still peoples who care, I'm rare, perhaps) As long as he didn't use tax-payer money for that, as long that he can provide a vision and a good plan for the nation's future...does it matter? We are not choosing our boyfriend or husband, but a leader to lead the country. Didn't the same principal applied, when MCA central delegates voted for ChuaSL?

I just can't understand why don't just fight it -- vision to vision, 1Malaysia to XXXXXX, or tranfomasi to reformasi? Unless. That is just so UN-WINNABLE to certain parties.

We are supposingly moving forward for better democracy, not backwards. But we are moving backwards and downwards. aiyo.