Monday, April 26, 2010

Where is PR leading us to?

The whole world seems to be overwhelmingly in pain and upset about Zaid's defeat. Except for One-Malaysia PM and BN supporters, of course.

In such pain, peoples start blaming. Saying it was a buy-election, saying PR's campaign team was sucked, saying DAP/PAS/PKR didn't give their full-out.. Some even blamed Malays and Indian voters for not supporting PR.

Despite all the reasons you can think of for PR's failure in Hulu Selangor, the most important thing which PR should reflect on and review is, where are they taking us or Malaysia to?

One undeniable fact is that, PR has no RIGHT strategy to counter Najib's One-Malaysia at this point of time. Yes, you can accuse Najib as a hypocrite, you can question his sincerity in implementing the gagasan, you can even list down hundreds of signs and facts showing that One-Malaysia is actually fake slogan. BUT. But, at least it set a target for BN, it gives Malaysians a vision, and it sketch a (fake?) future.

What about Pakatan Rakyat?

Besides "we will take over Putrajaya", "BN/Najib is hypocrite", "anti-ISA, anti-AUKU, anti-corruptions" and etc, what is the future of this country that you can promise to the Rakyat? Any visions you had provided to convince the rakyat that PR is the GOVERNMENT-IN-WAITING?

Only oppose to BN's wrong-doings and criticise on BN's slogan/gagasan, without providing an alternative vision, will not convince rakyat that you're prepared to takeover the ruling role. Pakatan Rakyat have to come out with ONE common share vision or reformasi plan i.e. a 论述/愿景/纲领 among 3parties, on how their are going to govern Malaysia if they win the majority, before GE13.

Not only to counter Najib's One-Malaysia, also to convince the rakyat that you're ready to rule.

Is it Ketuanan Rakyat? Malaysian's Malaysia? Islamic State? New Politics? Fairness and equality?

Whatever it is, tell us what exactly your reform is about? Tell us where are you leading Malaysia to? Mere objections and oppositions will make PR a forever opposition coalition. You wouldn't want that to happen right? Malaysians neither.

PR's defeat in Hulu Selangor is an opportunity. To make PR a better coalition, or to make it continue to split and fall, it's all in your hand, dear PR leaders.

Don't disappoint the nearly 50% votes who crossed the box beside PKR/DAP/PAS logo on the ballot paper. Just a little bit more effort to make it 55%.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


国会辩论实录 - 好笑篇



Balik Pulau很想要表达意见,议长一直不给。

Balik Pulau(PKR): Saya nak bantu. Saya cuma nak bantu..
Speaker: SAYA TIDAK MINTA BANTUAN PUN. Duduk, Balik Pulau. Saya akan rehatkan Balik Pulau.



Gombak(PKR): Tan Sri Speaker, peraturan mesyuarat.
Speaker: Kota Belut, duduk. Ya, ya, apa tu Yg Berhormat?
Gombak: Peraturan Mesyuarat 35.1.
Speaker: Sila. Apa itu 35.1?
Speaker: ....... *炸到*



Kota Belut(BN): Kalau kawan-kawan tak sabar, keluar dewan minum la, saya belanja.
Speaker: Kota Belut(ketawa), saya beri amaran(ketawa), jangan mogok kawan-kawan dalam dewan.



Ipoh Timur(DAP): Yang Berhormat sebelah sana siapa tak minum? Siapa tak pernah minum dulu? Minum! Semua minum!! Adakah PM berani jawab?
Speaker: Saya pun minum, Yang Berhormat, TAPI AIR.



Rembau(BN): Saya ada file, file in membuktikan......
Machang(PKR): *拿起比较厚的文件* SAYA PUN ADA FILE, LEBIH TEBAL!
Rembau: *不甘示弱,弯腰从地上拿起一大叠纸* NA, INI LAGI TEBAL!



P.Pauh(PKR): .....Dasar luar tiba-tiba berubah, Najib sanggup MELUTUT kepada Obama....
YBsss(BN): Saya nak minta dia tarik balik. TARIK BALIK.
P.Pauh: Okay, saya tarik balik.
*Terus Kecoh*
Speaker: Diam, Yang Berhormat, Diam, Duduk betul-betul. P.Pauh kata dia dah tarik balik. Janganlah kecoh, KERANA KECOHLAH KAMU SEMUA TAK DENGAR!
P.Pauh: Har......*一副"都怪你们太吵"的样子*



Tuesday, April 20, 2010







Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s not about Ketuanan Melayu.

I just feel like I need to do it in non-Mandarin, and you know, I always feel sorry about my command of Malay Language. (English is not good as well, but at least better.)

I’m feeling sick. On PERKASA’s words and deeds, the keris, the “don’t talk shit!”, the “we (Malays) had sacrificed a lot” and etc. On Muhyddin’s declaration, saying that he is Malaysians second, even though he is the Deputy PM, the leader to all Malaysians. On the RETURN of the King, opps, sorry, it was the Return of Ahmad Ismail, the founder to Hermit Crab......Statement, and etc.

The greatest taboo I face now, is the upsurge of racism. I hate this stupid -ism, even more than Khir Toyo’s and Zakaria’s Palaces.

I remembered once Anwar had said, “nilai manusia bukan pada kulitnya”. I don’t believe in him personally, but I devoutly believe in his statement, as I believe it’s a principle that every Malaysians shall uphold tightly to.

Political parties, particularly UMNO and it’s friends and family (for examples, PERKASA), like to manipulate the ethnic issues. Ketuanan Melayu, hence become the most famous slogan ever in this BolehLand.

However, did you ever realize, it’s never about Ketuanan “Melayu”. It’s only about KETUANAN UMNO, or KETUANAN POWER.


Simply because the creation of this SLOGAN, is only to serve for ONE purpose, i.e. to ensure that BN in general, UMNO in specific, WILL NOT FALL. They want to consolidate their ruling power, they want their regime to be everlasting, and therefore they are juggling the peoples with all sorts of racial issues.

Ketuanan Melayu? Only to persuade, to brain-wash, to lobby Malay voters. 513? Kampung Medan? Only to intimidate, to frighten, to deter Non-Malay voters from voting opposition parties.

By fabricating and instilling racial sentiments, they can control over the votes, especially those who believe in ethnic politics. Malays believe only UMNO can protect their privileges and ketuanan, perhaps? Chinese and Indians believe only MCA and MIC can talk to Malays and fight for our own Community’s rights.

However, how efficient is it worked? I mean this model of politics, ruling by dividing the peoples? You tell me, what happen to Hindraf? You tell me, what happen to Chinese who eagerly and anxiously want to emigrate out from Malaysia? You tell me, what happen to poor Malays who still remain poor, while those named cronies earn big money? You tell me, what happen to Kelantan’s oil royalty? Is that Kelantanese not Malays, or just because the Malays don’t vote for UMNO, then “Ketuanan Melayu” that UMNO always uphold suddenly mute?

We can actually raise thousands of questions similar to the above.

Shouldn't we start to think and sketch, what kind of future we really need and want? To continue with current situation? That peoples from different races, keep doubting, disliking, or attacking each others? That papers and medias, keeping focusing and goreng (you-know-which) on racial issues?

I am tired of this. Let's live in harmony, can't we?

What's wrong with Chinese befriend with Indians? What's wrong with Malays in love with Chinese? What's wrong with Christians and Muslims and Buddhists sitting in one table doing chit-chatting about "Allah" issue? What's wrong with all that? I just can't understand...

(Actually we can live in harmony, and we did, we do, we will, when we put aside all the political manipulations, or we just ignore some extremist politicians...)