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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl


题外话,Natalie Portman果然是个大美女。可惜不够古典。

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday 2008

It's time to not tell my age openly. Cause I'm getting old. Haha! ;D (Seriously, this is a big problem..)

Thanks everyone for everythings, the cakes, the gifts, the messages, the wishes, the suprise, the advises etc. etc.

I'd come to a cross road in life. I'm confused. I do not know how. So all I need from you guys for my birthday gift is to pray for me and my future choice of career, as well as to support me and by my side all the time. For every one of you are my love, my treasure.

Thanks again! =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy National Day!

For the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was so close to what is named by NATIONAL UNITY. And for the first time in my entire life, I felt that our National Anthem is so beautiful.

It seems like we can still be very very proud of being Malaysians. Ha!

It was around 20,000 peoples. They gathered at the stadium. They waved Jalur Gemilang. They sang "Negaraku". Together. Some of them are Malays, some are Chinese, some are Indians, some are from other ethnics... Well, all of them are Malaysians. They clapped and cheered for every leaders who stepped forward to the stage and gave their speeches, regardless he's DAP or PKR or PAS, regardless he's Malay or Chinese or Indian.

There is something still imprinted in me: When Lim Kit Siang was giving his speech in Mandarin, the Malay guy behind me cheered like hell. I wondered if he understand what LKS said, but he just gave his full support. (How do I know it's 'full support'? You can measure the decibel unit of his voice.) Who said Malays anti-DAP? And who said Chinese anti-PAS? The Chinese also clapped like hell when K.J. from PAS was giving speech. Thus, I started to believe...

"Nilai manusia bukan pada warna kulitnya," said Anwar, our next premier. *wink*

Politics is an art. The true leader can scatch the future into a beautiful painting, which sometimes seems dreamy, but hey, dream is always the greatest force to push people to change. Otherwise, from where the plane was created?

Let's dare to dream, make changes, and together work for a better Malaysia!

Happy Malaysia Day! Selamat Hari Malaysia! 马来西亚日快乐!To all my fellows Malaysians! =D

PS: Also not forget to send a special thank to the Barisan National a.k.a UMNO, for they had unite the people...to against them! Haha! We shall give them a credit on this! >_<

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Enough IS Enough!


First RPK, then SinChew journalist, and followed by YB Teresa Kok.

So another Operasi Lalang huh? Then who is next?!

The culprit who tried to incite racial sentiments by allegedly saying that Chinese Malaysians are "squatters", is safe and sound. But those who are against racism, or who had reported the truth accordingly, had been detained without warrant.

My dearest government, if you decided to send all citizens who are against the tyranny to jail, then you have to arrest half of the Malaysia population using ISA. I wonder if Kamunting has enough rooms.

Come on! Don't try to fool and threaten the people again. Those old dirty tactics are disgusting!

I was once doubted that 916 is a proper and ethical move under democratic system. But I have now wishing for it to be implemented as soon as possible.

What can be worse than having a dictatorship that always misuse the police force to consolidate it's political power, rather to take care of the increasing crime rate? Robberies, rapes, murders, kidnaps etc. etc. have worried every mother and father, regardless he or she is a Malay, Indian or Chinese. Once we have a government who is infatuated with it's own power, no people can benefit from it.

They are having fun with all the political tricks and games. Then who is going to plan for our economy development? Who is concerning about how the lower class people live their daily life? The poor Malays will not have their standard of living improved, neither will the poor Chinese nor the marginalised Indians. Except for a few hundreds ringgit every 5 years, during GE. But this does not solve the root problem.

Enough is enough!

We need a government who cares about what the people need. Not what it's party or cronies or son-in-law want.

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