Thursday, March 6, 2008

Confession of a 22-years-old undergrad voter

The day after tomorrow will be the polling day for the 12th General Election of Malaysia.

It is enough!

Some said this before: the more you see, the more you get dissapointed. And it is true. Very true. I really do not understand, why the people in this country will ever tolerate with such government for such a long time. Corruptions, centralised of power, lies, abuse of public forces, defalcation of public funds... I have had enough. Why don't you?

Look around the world, Malaysia is the only democratic country that have such a weirds law - AUKU to stop their University students from being involved in politic. Our government is babysitting the undergraduates, postgraduates, academic stuffs as if they are immature and ignorance. I can tell you, the only reason is because the government is too corrupted, therefore he scared of his people, thus he must play foul to consolidate his power.

And the reality is, over the past 50 years, BN has had their biggest success in creating "white terror" to the country and the people. They even has overwhelming success in brain-washing our young generations.

When someone my age, telling me that voting is nothing important...
When people goes around and warns me, that don't be political fanaticism if i still want to graduate...
And when I, a 22-years-old undergrad in Malaysia, has the right to vote, but NO RIGHT to express the political stance or views...

It is heart-breaking.

I am not an alien, or an aggersive alien who fully blindly support the opposition. I am just anti-curruption, anti-injustice, anti-discrimination... I am also not ungrateful for what I have, or unrespect of my parents' will to see me be safe. Just I know the meaning of "safe" (not to against AUKU) pronounced by most of the people is actually injustice and unfair instead of the real "safe".

Now we have a chance. There are other governments-in-waiting need the peoples' vote to deny the former corrupted-inefficient ruling party... Don't use the excuses of stability and "safety" to run away from a citizen's obligation and responsibility, that is to make sure the country has its justice and democracy.

Where there is no justice, there is no stability.

I beg you to wake up, all Malaysians. Please.


ccthum said...

To kneel down or to stand up against injustice is only a matter of our decision. Please decide wisely, for we can choose to be freemen rather than slaves.

Praise and salute, for those who dare to use their free will, to be different, and to make a difference.

8/3/08, for Malaysia.

聪涵 a.k.a buggie said...


We did it!
I really cant believe my eyes.

ccthum said...

Yes, we did it.
Thank you, Buggie, and your friends for taking such trouble and risking yourselves in this.

Thanks fellow Malaysians for deciding to take an important step to depart from the past.

For Malaysia, for a new future.

Thank you.