Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please vote for them!

Here are 3 new faces, fight for Parliamentary Constituency in the 12th General Election of Malaysia. They are certainly new, but that doesn't mean that they are not capable.

Teo Nie Ching (P102-Serdang, Selangor)

MP-to-be for P102-Serdang, Selangor.

She is a senior of mine, was previously a lawyer, gave up her promising lawyer profession, to join the hopeless Malaysian Politics. She has not only pretty outlook, professional knowledges, and more importantly, the courage to defend people's rights, and the willingness to bring changes to Malaysia. She knew how rude the male-BN-MP behave in the Parliament, but she had no fear for it. She believe in change, perhaps miracles too.

Know more about her at 张念群@念念不忘.

Tony Pua Kiam Wee (P106-PJ Utara, Selangor)

MP-to-be for P106-PJ Utara, Selangor.

He was previously a CEO for an IT company which public listed in Singapore. He used to earn piles of money by sitting in an air-conditioned room. Now, he spend piles of (his own) money, selling newspaper at Pasar Malam, walking from house to house under the sun, just to fight for a MP seat in the f**king Malaysia Parliament.

Know more about him at 潘俭伟@家国思索 or TonyPua@Philosophy,Politics,Economics.

Liew Chin Tong (P48-Bukit Bendera, P.Pinang)

MP-to-be for P48-Bukit Bendera, P.Pinang.

He spend most of his lifetime studying, learning, and doing researches about POLITICS. Some think he is a brilliant scholar, but it seems like he don't want to be just a scholar, so he put his vision into action. Academic world may be more friendly, simpler and cleaner... But he choose politics indeed.

The one common thing among the 3 peoples above is that, they may live a better life without asking and caring about what the nation need, yet they choose "the road not taken".

Why they do so?

Rush here and there, work day and night... Without monthly income, no 5-star hotel accomodation, no bangolo at Perth, no girlfriend at Mongolia, no Palace at Klang, no housing contractsssss, no Prime Minister as father-in-law...

There is only one reason. They want to make Malaysia a better place! A country that we can be proud of!

This is the difference between these people and BN candidates. A sincere heart to serve the people and the nation, or a sinful mind to grab any chances to defalcate public funds, it's all our choice!

BN leaders said these opposition peoples only know how to spread lies. Who the hell they think they are, to let this gang of brilliant minds gave up their brighter future in other field to join politics, just for spreading lies about the corrupted-uneffiecient-big liar BN?

I was so lucky that I'd been in contact with them. Many 'Yang Berhormat's in Malaysia actually do not worth your 'hormat', but I believe these 'Yang Berhormat's-to-be really worth your votes.


Vote for them!
Vote for change!
Vote for hope!

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