Friday, July 8, 2011

Persecution Paranoia @ 被迫害妄想症

709 BERSIH rally just around the corner.

After all the mess in the past few weeks, I cannot stop myself from pondering and wondering about whether the mental conditions of our Bolehland's government and PDRM are really healthy and normal?

Please read through the following facts, let's together examine whether these are some indicative symptoms...

1. Some days after BERSIH called for 709 peaceful rally, police had arrested 30 PSM leaders and members who go around Malaysia to advertise and publicize this rally.


By having Che Guevara T-shirts or communism-related things, you ARE intended to "REVIVE COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY & WAGE WAR ON HIS HIGHNESS YDPA"!!!

I think police should raid PETALING STREET and all tourism spots. Do they ever realize how many hawkers are reviving communism by selling these T-shirts to tourists who trying to revive communism?! There are countless!

Even our premier was meeting the world's largest communist party leader months ago. They even had private talk! Is that consider waging war to His Highness Agung?

2. Then they announced BERSIH, T-shirts and YELLOWS are illegal.


BERSIH, T-Shirts and Yellow may threaten national security, and ultimately create chaos in the country..

So she is Osama bin Laden in disguise?

And the T-shirts are actually decepticons in disguise?!

Finally these yellows are actually biological weapons?!


3. All of a sudden,

Poems can threaten national security too! A respected and noble poet may bring more harm than a terrorist!

This old grandpa may threaten national security?! You think Rakyat is LuLu ar?

So government plans to ban their books and poems too? Close down all bookstores that sell related books?

4. Even worse,

A Korean intern student maybe a SPY!

Probably the government and police will also think that, these international supports for BERSIH and calls for release the arrested persons are some kinds of intervention into our internal affairs, or an effort to topple government?

5. On and off they had arrested about 200 peoples who involve in Illegal BERSIH movement.

Members of Parliament, members of State Assembly, members of local council, members of NGOs, common peoples... They are all threats to national security?

Why not just abolish parliament, state assembly and local council?! If all our representatives are criminals?

6. Finally they found something real scary.

Things being found in some bushes by the roadside indicate that BERSIH is actually kotor!!!

HELLO, there are knifes in every houses, there are parang every shops selling coconuts or watermelons, there are even more BERSIH T-shirts in YOUR BALAI POLIS!!!

7. Yet, these BERSIH guys whom they think maybe terrorists had seek audience with the Agung. They even have good and peaceful discussions!

However, after seeking audience with Agung, the police still decided to apply restriction order from court so that they cannot step into KL on 9th July. OUT OF WHAT REASON? Seriously don't know.

It's suggested that the government and police to seek advice from Psychologist. Cause all of the above, are just like some symptoms of Persecution Paranoia..

Don't you think so?

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