Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sins of The Yellow

Our Home Minister & IGP just announced, that Yellow is now illegal in Bolehland! Therefore, those wearing yellow please take off your clothes. If you cannot do this, consider to stay away from Bolehland!

The announcement had set off some panic in the community, some celebrities have suffered for no reason, many of them started to complain:

The DigiMan is the first to be arrested. He has no idea at all, what crime does he committed, or who does he offended. The last thing he remember is he singing "I will follow you". That's it.

After seeing what happen to DigiMan, perhaps His Majesty YDPA starts reconsider about His Majesty's favourite colour?

A close friend of His Majesty, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has immediately summoned His Highness the Pope, to discuss about the issue. Of course they cannot simple give up the symbolic colour of the Royal Family.. So they decided to take the risk, Bolehland police cannot just arrest them, they believe.

And another friend of them is considering on changing her sir name. Just wondering whether this will cost RM1.8million?

But you see, the above are real powerful celebrities.. what above those who are not so powerful?
Tweety is worried.

Pikachu is crying.

Bumblebee is considering going back to Cybertron with Optimus..

But at least they can move, you see. Other innocent "yellows" can only beg and plead innocent so that they wont be arrested. Such as:

The most splendid thing happened during the chaos is this: one of them smart enough to hide the "yellow" inside so that he wont be caught.

Let's give him some warm applause!!! And good luck to all "yellows"!!!

All of the above are fictitious, any similarity happen in real life is purely coincidental.

The story behind this story is that:-

Frankly, we shouldn't have blamed the police for causing so many people into trouble. Because there are too many deadly sins committed by the "Yellow". One of the major one is that, you know, some of these yellow guys requested for Clean and Fair Election!!!

Stupid meh?! How can we have clean and fair election here?! If so, the government will be overthrown at no time! That is sinful!


傅後特 said...

i like tis creative and damn funny! haha

canary said...

great post, really enjoyed it

聪涵 a.k.a buggie said...

houtek & canary:
Simply because our authority had provided us with so many jokes almost everyday. ;)