Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jump queue

I was queueing.
Peoplessssssss were passing by.
Suddenly right in front of me there was a girl, slipping into the line.

I pat at her shoulder, politely, "I thought we are suppose to line up?"
Without any sign of shame, she replied, "I was here since just now."

I was speechless, no intention to incite quarrels, I let her be.
Was it because I am blur? Or because uncivilized has become a trend?


Talent said...


芬* said...

It touched me ^ ^
as u took a matter which known to be 'messy' in our daily life

For me..
It isn't a trend
But a.. tradition(??)
among human nowadays*
That we used to learn
from our parents
our surroundings..

Mayb we should ask..
Did we jump-q before?

We can change it
As it starts from ourselves ^ ^*

Let's do something 4 our future generation*