Saturday, September 17, 2011

Undilah! Don't sleep anymore.

A gift from Pete Teo & Friends to all Malaysians in conjunction with 916 Malaysia Day 2011.

And I'm happy enough for being able to conduct an exclusive interview with the production team. Thanks to Pete Teo, Afdlin Shauki, Namewee, Benji, Albert, Fred and others.

Pete was talkative, every journalist would loves to interview people like him; Afdlin was humourous and funny, when he start talking, laughing never stop; Namewee was damn "dai sei"; and Benji was shy, hehe.

It was an enjoyable and wonderful experience. As the interview and special report was done right before my Birthday, I see it as a gift for myself. I'm happy and satisfied, really. :)

Specially thanks to weitee, for getting these peoples to give ntv7 the exclusive interview; thanks to boonkooi, kt and weiwei, for giving me 3min airtime each day to complete the task..

NTV7 Mandarin7 News Special Report on "undilah!",
Part 1:

NTV7 Edition7 News Report on "undilah!"

It was not my voice-over in the Edition Report. But I'm happy to help in drafting the story and chose the soundbite. :)

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