Monday, April 26, 2010

Where is PR leading us to?

The whole world seems to be overwhelmingly in pain and upset about Zaid's defeat. Except for One-Malaysia PM and BN supporters, of course.

In such pain, peoples start blaming. Saying it was a buy-election, saying PR's campaign team was sucked, saying DAP/PAS/PKR didn't give their full-out.. Some even blamed Malays and Indian voters for not supporting PR.

Despite all the reasons you can think of for PR's failure in Hulu Selangor, the most important thing which PR should reflect on and review is, where are they taking us or Malaysia to?

One undeniable fact is that, PR has no RIGHT strategy to counter Najib's One-Malaysia at this point of time. Yes, you can accuse Najib as a hypocrite, you can question his sincerity in implementing the gagasan, you can even list down hundreds of signs and facts showing that One-Malaysia is actually fake slogan. BUT. But, at least it set a target for BN, it gives Malaysians a vision, and it sketch a (fake?) future.

What about Pakatan Rakyat?

Besides "we will take over Putrajaya", "BN/Najib is hypocrite", "anti-ISA, anti-AUKU, anti-corruptions" and etc, what is the future of this country that you can promise to the Rakyat? Any visions you had provided to convince the rakyat that PR is the GOVERNMENT-IN-WAITING?

Only oppose to BN's wrong-doings and criticise on BN's slogan/gagasan, without providing an alternative vision, will not convince rakyat that you're prepared to takeover the ruling role. Pakatan Rakyat have to come out with ONE common share vision or reformasi plan i.e. a 论述/愿景/纲领 among 3parties, on how their are going to govern Malaysia if they win the majority, before GE13.

Not only to counter Najib's One-Malaysia, also to convince the rakyat that you're ready to rule.

Is it Ketuanan Rakyat? Malaysian's Malaysia? Islamic State? New Politics? Fairness and equality?

Whatever it is, tell us what exactly your reform is about? Tell us where are you leading Malaysia to? Mere objections and oppositions will make PR a forever opposition coalition. You wouldn't want that to happen right? Malaysians neither.

PR's defeat in Hulu Selangor is an opportunity. To make PR a better coalition, or to make it continue to split and fall, it's all in your hand, dear PR leaders.

Don't disappoint the nearly 50% votes who crossed the box beside PKR/DAP/PAS logo on the ballot paper. Just a little bit more effort to make it 55%.


shinliang said...

Well said.

I wanted to write a hate letter to Pakatan on the eve of the by-election for Pakatan's growing failure to counter the BN's campaign of "we've changed" and "give us a chance"

I didn't send it in, of cuz. But I think I will post it on my blog later.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan has shown they can much much better than BN - Penang is a good example.
Don/t you agree,ah mooi?
Do u still want to see people like
Ibrahim Ali to be your choice???
btw , your good friend -snow piano has give Him a lot of publicity in Oriental Daily recently -dont know why she can be so low to interview those low class katak.
Better to interview Zaid lar!
true or not?

kambing jaga

shinliang said...

Anonymous: Sometimes, the best way to kill someone is to give him more publicity.

Anonymous said...

yes meh?? i dont think so. He is
getting more and more popular and
powerful, especially in the malay
Hidup Ali!