Saturday, September 13, 2008

Enough IS Enough!


First RPK, then SinChew journalist, and followed by YB Teresa Kok.

So another Operasi Lalang huh? Then who is next?!

The culprit who tried to incite racial sentiments by allegedly saying that Chinese Malaysians are "squatters", is safe and sound. But those who are against racism, or who had reported the truth accordingly, had been detained without warrant.

My dearest government, if you decided to send all citizens who are against the tyranny to jail, then you have to arrest half of the Malaysia population using ISA. I wonder if Kamunting has enough rooms.

Come on! Don't try to fool and threaten the people again. Those old dirty tactics are disgusting!

I was once doubted that 916 is a proper and ethical move under democratic system. But I have now wishing for it to be implemented as soon as possible.

What can be worse than having a dictatorship that always misuse the police force to consolidate it's political power, rather to take care of the increasing crime rate? Robberies, rapes, murders, kidnaps etc. etc. have worried every mother and father, regardless he or she is a Malay, Indian or Chinese. Once we have a government who is infatuated with it's own power, no people can benefit from it.

They are having fun with all the political tricks and games. Then who is going to plan for our economy development? Who is concerning about how the lower class people live their daily life? The poor Malays will not have their standard of living improved, neither will the poor Chinese nor the marginalised Indians. Except for a few hundreds ringgit every 5 years, during GE. But this does not solve the root problem.

Enough is enough!

We need a government who cares about what the people need. Not what it's party or cronies or son-in-law want.


Kaito said...

fight or flee?
whoever can gives me liberty and equality, she is my motherland...

聪涵 a.k.a buggie said...

Of course FIGHT!

We can never choose our motherland.

But we can choose on who should we entrusted to rule and manage this motherland.

Seems like our current gov-in-power has failed their job.

Anonymous said...